Web Development

I first started web development during my studies in media design. Later I started at Wiljekoffie a company working in web development for many different clients. I started as an intern in 2020 and stayed there as an intern for 1 year before deciding to work here as a junior front-end developer while studying creative media and game technologies.


For Kinduct I created a module using Hubspot. This module was created to always show the most recent blog posted by Kinduct. I build this using HTML, CSS, and Hubl. I created this during my work at Wiljekoffie.


Wingman was a simple game, created in 2022. For the promotion of this game I created a one-page website using the branding of Wingman. For this website I used HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Movella wanted their design to be created as an email template. I created multiple modules using CSS and HTML to create this email template in Hubspot.